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Toni poole dating

Autogrooming with the mouth and feet was conspicuous, both as a utilitarian activity and as a conflict act in social situations.

These whiptails were strictly grazers and did not drink.

In accordance with the whiptail's unaggressive nature, threat and submissive displays were less well developed than superiority and courtship displays and conflict activities.

Olfaction was primarily used for individual recognition and for sexual checking.

Then gestation resumed for about one month so that the next young was born as soon as the previous joey vacated the pouch permanently at the age of 9 months.

This pattern is similar to that of the Eastern grey kangaroo but differs from most other macropods, which have a postpartum oestrus and a longer embryonic diapause.

Auditory signals are poorly developed in macropods generally.

Whiptails show a positive gregarious tendency and a significant lack of overt interaction at close quarters.

Whiptails are alert animals with excellent vision and hearing.

Field observations were made of three discrete mobs of up to fifty members each.

The East end mob was studied intensively: each member was named, aged and sexed, and all gains and losses were recorded throughout the year.

The origin and function of embryonic diapause in macropods are poorly understood.

Sexual checking of females and anoestrous courting were the most conspicuous interactions between adults.

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Less intensive observations were made of the Tank 1 and Ringbark hill mobs.